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V&W Adviseurs is an advisor in the field of mortgages and other financial services. Our office is an independent advisory firm. Our mortgage advisors have extensive experience in insurance and banking. Our mortgage advisors are all highly trained and have the necessary professional qualifications.

V&W Adviseurs sets high standards to her staff in terms of education, experience and customer satisfaction. This gives you the assurance that the quality of V&W Adviseurs is high.


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    V&W adviseurs has its own real estate office located in Delft which can assist you with the purchase and / or sale of your property. In short, we can offer a complete package when purchasing and financing your new home. Take advantage of our experience, as many have done so far.

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    Tip: Contact us before you buy a house. Make an appointment for a free mortgage consultation with our consultants. We are convinced that V&W adviseurs can immediately demonstrate its added value!

    For more information please download our brochure or call for a free appointment, 015-215 78 00.

    Roberto Assistent professor TU Delft

    It is not difficult to write a recommendation for Mr. Martijn Sprengers and his office. His work as an mortgage advisor and intermediate was outstanding and highly personalised.

    This means that he is a professional man who really cares about his clients. He is an expert in what he does and produces excellent results. Moreover, he is very reliable and trustworthy. I highly recommend him for any mortgage advice!

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