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    Roberto Assistent professor TU Delft

    Roberto RoccoIt is not difficult to write a recommendation for Mr. Martijn Sprengers and his office. His work as an mortgage advisor and intermediate was outstanding and highly personalised.

    This means that he is a professional man who really cares about his clients. He is an expert in what he does and produces excellent results. Moreover, he is very reliable and trustworthy. I highly recommend him for any mortgage advice!

    Take advantage of our experience

    V&W adviseurs has its own real estate office located in Delft which can assist you with the purchase and / or sale of your property. In short, we can offer a complete package when purchasing and financing your new home. Take advantage of our experience, as many have done so far.

    Tip: Contact us before you buy a house. Make an appointment for a free mortgage consultation with our consultants. We are convinced that V&W adviseurs can immediately demonstrate its added value!

    For more information please download our brochure or call for a free appointment, 015-215 78 00.

    Catalina Postdoc TU Delft

    Catalina VasilescuWe (my husband and I) almost gave up the possibility of buying a house. We had spoken to a lot of mortgage advisors. They all said they could or would not help us.

    By recommendation we went to V&W Adviseurs and they made us very happy. Through them we were able to get a mortgage for the house and the mortgage advisor really invested time and effort searching for good possibilities. This even resulted in an mortgage with NHG. Outstanding!





    Raphael Phd-student at TU Delft

    My phd-colleague has had very good experiences with V&W Adviseurs and in the first conversation I had with V&W Adviseurs, I could understand why.

    They helped me with buying and getting a mortgage for a very nice house in Rotterdam. I went for a long trip to Peru and the day I came back I got the keys for my new house. That’s what I call service!



    sirmacek-reference-mortgages-vw-adviseursSirmacek Postdoc at TU Delft

    A lot of people told me that I couldn’t get a mortgage with a temporarily contract as a post-doc at the TU Delft.

    However, it was no problem for V&W Adviseurs to get the mortgage done, even not being a citizen of an E.U. country and the 30% tax-ruling. I am very glad with their mortgage advice and I like my new place!